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Civilization 5 - Portugal Archipelago - Part 21

Marbozir - 20 Wyświetleń
20 Wyświetleń
Opublikowano 2018-12-05 05:01:49

Playing Civilization 5 with the November 9th build of the Vox Populi modpack - which you can find at Playing as Portugal on Archipelago map. Subscribe to my channel for daily videos: Like what you see and want to support me? You can do it on Patreon: My Social Media: Discord Server: Twitter: Business Inquires Only: New to the channel? Hi! My name is Marbozir and I've been running a gaming channel since 2011. I enjoy many different genres, but I always had a soft spot for strategy games, so you'll find a lot of them on my channel. The videos I make include short series, where I check out new games that interest me, long let's play / walkthrough style series focused on games I especially enjoy, sometimes a high difficulty level playthrough, and from time to time - random one-offs, occasional multiplayer gameplay, old games and more. I like sarcasm and dry humor, so you'll probably find some of that in my videos too! #Civ5 #Marbozir

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